MDG BSB D28R - Electronic scoreboard of 28 digits for baseball and soft ball


MDG BSB D28R - Electronic scoreboard Baseball and Softball 28 digit

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This electronic scoreboard is specially designed for viewing in sunlight. Designed to be permanently installed on any wall using hardware (anchors, bolts and plugs). The dialer screen includes:

Three digits of 34 cm. height for playing time indication (in ascending operation).

Eighteen digits of 23 cm. indicating high for runs scored by the teams in each entry (9 for each team).

Four digits of 23 cm. indicating high for total races won by teams (two per team).

A BALL digit for indication.

A STRIKE digit for indication.

One digit for indication OUT.

AN ERROR indicator.

An indicator for HITS.

Digits antireflection polycarbonate protected to prevent damage from impact.

Measures 360 x 150 x 8 cm.

The command and control table is controlled by microprocessor with 11 059 MHz operation High precision and LCD screen for programming included in carrying case, with high sensitivity and buttons antirrobote.

Real time clock when the marker is not in use, indicating Hour and Minute. Reservation Data Maintenance: 45 days in case of power supply failure. Time base Quartz autonomous.

Communication marker screen - Table control hybrid communications system for use by cable or wireless (range approx 100 meters). Each time you choose the drive system that best suits and this interference. The system comprises a radio transmitter and a radio receiver, microprocessor controlled. All our systems are based on wireless technology Chipcon CC1100. From this system incorporates radio control elements for transmissions such as FEC (data reconstruction), Word Sync (sync word) and CRC error checking. Maximum distance in the open without interference, 100 meters.