The company AUDIVITRONICA, S.L. (before ELECTRONICA GALAN S.L). It is based in the Pájaro Azul 3 Urbanization, in the town of Armilla, province of Granada. The corporate purpose of the company is the research, development and sale or rental of all types of electronic, electrical and acoustic systems.

This company was founded in 1.939 by D. Manuel Galán Marin, dedicating itself from the beginning to the manufacture of radio receiving devices. Subsequently, about 1947, and with the rise of cinema, began the manufacture of commercial film projection machinery in 35 mm., As well as sound amplifiers and acoustic baffles, having made the installation of more than 150 cinemas. With the arrival of television and the fall of movie theaters, new horizons were sought with the manufacture of sound equipment for musical ensembles, coinciding with the rise of these groups. Next, and before the disappearance of several companies that existed in Spain dedicated to this manufacture, we changed our production line and manufactured for public and private centers, Ministries of Education, and export to several countries in South America, language laboratories and equipment reeducation for the deaf and infant education.

On principles of 1.965, and when changing the expectations of market, we began the manufacture for sale and rent of systems of simultaneous translation and professional amplification of sound.

Since 1.978 this company is specialized in the manufacture and custom design of optoelectronic solutions such as Waiting organizers, electronic sport markers, sports chronometers, pulse counters, etc.

Between 1.978 and 1.981, 8 radio isotope diagnostic equipment and an RX intensifier were manufactured in this company.

Our experience in the development of all these systems is well proven throughout all the years in which we have made multiple installations of this type (more than 3000), both in rental and sale, without any type of impact or failure of the systems. Some of our products have been installed in the "Manuel de Falla" Auditorium of Granada, Institute of Education Sciences of Granada, Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of Law, House of Culture of Almuñecar (Granada), Cervantes Theater of Malaga , Sports facilities of Carranque (Málaga), Sports facilities of the University of Granada, Badminton World Championships (Seville). Our teams have been present at sports World Cups of various sports, world-class congresses and serve as the main educational support in Universities throughout Spain, Europe and South America.

As a reference for other clients, we can mention companies such as: International Badminton Federation, Spanish Handball Federation, Economic and Social Council of the Junta de Andalucía, EL CORTE INGLES SA, Fnac, CIVIL GUARD, IBERIA, CETURSA, Andalusian Health Service, CADE, EQUIDESA, UNICAJA, Junta de Andalucía, Valcarce , AGLA, Dorsia and a long etcetera.