Systems for hospitals and nursing care

We have plenty of special systems for hospitals use. From nursing stations that allow communication and notices between the rooms and the nurses, through systems consultation notices from waiting rooms.Our teams are fully autonomous, so they do not interfere at all with the systems that you have installed in their premises, or require the installation of any software that could compromise the information that you stored on their computers.Specifically, our systems are developed in two key areas: first communication between patients and nursing rooms Hospitals plants, and on the other hand, the notice from the consultations of medical facilities to the halls waiting those found in patients.Due to the almost infinite possible configurations, we can not show a basic, but if you contact us we will make a specific budget for your needs.

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  • Calls sick / nurse
    The needs of hospitalized patients and those living in nursing homes are always extremely complex, making this a priority in hospitals and nursing homes to provide proper care while decreasing patient stress to feel taken care of quickly.After many years installing such systems in the Andalusian Health Service, our company offers the best solutions for these systems, performing custom installations for each site.Our intercom systems Sick / Sick enable communication nurse-nurse both acoustically as light and sound indicators.Intercom systems Sick-Nurse have the ability to provide all information and patient alarms under a single autonomous system.Operating System The Sick-Nurse Intercommunication begins when initiating a call from a room, lighting the room indicators, for room door, hallway screens and activate the appropriate signals to the central station.The modular design of the system, together with the special production process allows the manufacture of items that fit ampliación.Las renovation and basic functions of the system are: They allow making calls from the sick room to the nurses, with memory of all calls made, Signs in hallway with strobe light in the room or rooms that have made calls, optical-acoustic signaling in the central nursing room has the call, override normal call from the room side by button, aside from the central nurse on call, bathroom call.
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