Electronic scoreboards

Our electronic scoreboards for all sports are manufactured to the strictest quality standards, which gives them greater reliabiWe are manufacturers with their own design of electronic sport markers, being able to manufacture them (upon request) in color, shape and appearance with the needs of each client.

We have electronic basketball scoreboards, fubol electronic scoreboards, electronic indoor football scoreboards, electronic voleyball scoreboards, electronic fronton markers, electronic ball markers from Valencia, electronic baseball markers, and much more.

Our electronic sports markers for all kinds of sports are manufactured following the most stringent quality standards, which gives them great reliability by providing a long operating time.

All the elements of our electronic markers are made with elements in individually plug-in plates ", so that they can be repaired or replaced by technical personnel not specially qualified, being enough, for that, to have a slight knowledge of electronics.
lity by providing a long operating time.All of our items are made with electronic bookmarks items individually plated "plug" on the grounds that they can be repaired or replaced by specially trained technical personnel, sufficient for this purpose, to have a little knowledge of electronics.

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  • Sports stadiums scoreboards

    Our electronic scoreboards for sports halls, have a management console for which is preconfigured for sports such as basketball, handball, volleyball, futsal, handball, hockey skates, mini basketball, etc.

    All our electronic scoreboards can be manufactured with spaces for advertising through monocolor LED screens, two color or full color to extract all possible economic performance.

    The electronic scoreboards may include different accessories such as ball possession markers, individual personal fouls, score and dorsal indicators, expulsion time indicator modules, etc.

    Our sports markers can be manufactured in two sizes of digits and have different accessories. All our models can work with connection via radio from the management console to the scoreboard screen and / or possession indicators.

  • Football / Rugby / Hockey

    Electronic scoreboards for football, rugby, polo and hockey are prepared for use outdoors.We have a wide range of markers for any stadium scoreboard presupuesto.Todos models for outdoor use are available in three versions of digits that can be used in fields with different measures adapting the equipment budget.Thanks to the new control system, radio frequency can be used via radio or via cable, in order to continue operating in the event of interference.

  • Baseball Scores

    Baseball and softball Score Board. Ready for outdoor use with high brightness displays. Ready for outdoor use with high brightness displays

  • Scoreboards for Basque pelota and fronton

    Bookmarks precisely manufactured and Pelota Fronton. Installed in many Frontis in Spain and France, informing the audience of all occurrences of each party.

  • Scoreboards for Tennis and Padel

    Electronic scoreboards specially designed for tennis and paddle sports. Depending on the model, incorporate wireless remote control for control of the same

  • Pelota Valenciana

    Scoreboards specially designed for the game Ratchet and Scoring. Allow configuration of the points to which play both types of games

  • Water polo scoreboards

    Our electronic scoreboards for waterpolo are manufactured according to the latest international standards and regulations. The special atmospheric conditions that occur around a pool because of the chemicals added to the water for water polo cause can not use a standard marker. Our markers are treated so that their characteristics are not altered by any corrosion.