Video scoreboards

In our constant search for technical innovation and due to our long experience in the manufacture of electronic markers and our commitment to full color led technology, we have developed a new concept of electronic sports markers going a little further and creating a new series of sports video markers.

With the LED sports video markers, made with Led Full Color technology, it is possible to show, in addition to the always necessary information on scoring and time, many other aspects related to both the game itself and others outside it. In this way, taking advantage of the capabilities provided by a full color led screen, the sports led video markers allow (with the specific software) the emission of advertising spots, messages, etc. and all in real time during the course of the sporting event.


The led video markers can be manufactured in different resolutions (P4, P5, P8 or P10) and sizes so that they can be installed in any sports venue, both indoors and outdoors.

The functionalities common to all video markers are those common to a Full Color LED screen with a scaler: Broadcasting of content in real time, possibility of enabling different spaces on the screen: video marker, advertising, game broadcasting, with a connectivity by TCP / IP medium, USB, 3G / 4G WIFI *, etc.

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  • Full color sports scoreboards Football, Rugby, Hockey

    The sports video markers for Soccer, Rugby, Hockey allow to be used without a dedicated management console; that is, they can be used directly from any PC or laptop.

    All video markers can be manufactured in size and resolution to suit the characteristics of any sports venue: from small fields to larger stadiums. The LED screens with which the video markers are manufactured are made with high brightness LED modules (up to 6500 nits) and with pixelated from 8 to 10 mm. They allow a perfect visualization from any area of ​​the sports venue even in the worst weather conditions.

    Advanced information screens: Screens ready for the list of local and visiting players, player changes, yellow and red cards, goals, referees, match information
    3-level architecture: Use the visual power of video animations provided by the 3-level architecture.
    Advanced media: You can create a playlist of videos and images and play them during the match
    Outdoor video markers and use in soccer fields are the most versatile and complete solution that can be installed since they allow you to show not only the game's own data (goals, time and period), but any type of information and content that you want : from live video to advertising, informational announcements, player changes,…

    Simple operation: With a single form, you can control all the match data in the video marker as if it were a conventional sports electronic scoreboard.
    Events: You can control and show all the events that are happening throughout a match: goals, substitutions, added time, extensions, etc.
    Players and photos: A database with photographs and names of all the clubs in the competition can be created.

    We have different sports softwares for the control of video markers: from the most basic to the most advanced, varying among them the capabilities that the system can show: live video, statistics, etc., but all allow the inclusion of advertising spots , animations, etc.