Orders must be made by requesting a previous estimate by phone at 958 57 05 12, email to info@tecno-electronica.com or through our website www.tecno-electronica.com, indicating the internal AUDIVITRONICA reference or references originals of the manufacturer, releasing AUDIVITRONICA SL of any liability if this procedure is not followed.

The order will begin to be manufactured at the moment in which the client approves the budget sent by signature and referral to AUDIVITRONICA S.L. by the email indicated above and also pay 50% of the total budget, and the material will be delivered as a general rule within 15 to 20 days from the date of commencement of manufacture or, failing that, within the periods indicated in the budget. The budgets will have a validity of 30 days, after which if the client has not sent acceptance, he must request a new budget.

The transport of the material is always at the customer's expense, even if the company provides the transport agency, the order will be sent postage due.


AUDIVITRONICA S.L. reserves the right to modify prices without prior notice due to possible currency fluctuations. The current rates will always be applied, independently of any other tariff that the client may have. The fare prices are expressed in EUROS on a taxable basis and do not include VAT or any other tax.


In electronic equipment, the validity of the warranty will be 2 years against any manufacturing defect, not being responsible AUDIVITRONICA, S.L. of any other defect unrelated to the manufacture.


50% will be delivered in advance, to start the manufacture of the material and the rest (50%) to the delivery of the material, through bank transfer to the account number that AUDIVITRONICA S.L. It will facilitate you once the budget is approved. The material will not be delivered until the full payment has been confirmed.

If the form of payment by direct debit is made with the client, AUDIVITRONICA will issue a bank receipt for the collection of the invoices in the bank account indicated by the client once the insurer agrees to the risk granted for each client. The bank charges caused by return of bills will be paid by the client independently of the causes of the non-payment, with the latter committing to pay them in full and within a maximum period of 7 days.

Those customers from whom we do not obtain classification by our credit insurer, must make their payments by delivering 50% in advance, and the remaining 50% before delivery of the material.


Any product distributed by AUDIVITRONICA S.L. It will be considered "on deposit" until the full payment of the sale becomes effective. From 30 days from the expected collection date without having been executed, AUDIVITRONICA S.L. reserves the right to recover the merchandise, without prior notice, simply by providing the credit note corresponding to the non-payment of the material