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CNTD 9S - digit counter days with 10 cm. Height


CNTD 9S - Counter-digit days with 10 cm. height

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Day Counter-sided and nine digits of 10 cm. height, composed of the following elements:

A programming including inside the computer with access to the same at the back of the computer. Through the control console has access to all the internal clock settings and system settings to the account as days. LCD screen has all the functions that the system develops.

A display screen made of aluminum and equipped with nine digits formed by high brightness LED diodes (up to 1450 mcd and 95 degree viewing angle) and protected by antireflective methacrylate, for showing days, hours, minutes and seconds remaining or elapsed. The day counter can be programmed to operate in ascending or descending order. In descending order makes the decrease of one unit of day to get the clock to zero. In ascending to enjoy increased one day to get the clock to 23 hours, 59 minutes, 59 seconds. It has storage battery clock settings before the power failure for a period of 7 days, and internal memory that stores the number of days before the same external electrical fault. Power system included in bookmark. Acoustic signal to indicate the beginning and end of the account (if countdown). Voltage: 220 V.A.C.