MDG VAL D6S - Electronic scoreboard for Valencian ball - Escala i Corda modalities and Scoring


MDG VAL D6S - Electronic scoreboard Valencian ball

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Electronic scoreboard six digits of 18 cm. height specially designed for sports and Escala i Corda Tanteo composed of the following elements: A 6-digit display consisting of indicators of the main functions of the system: Two digits in yellow for signaling point to which plays party. Two digits in red to signal the team getting points A. Two digits in blue for the signage of the team getting points B. Five points indicators for each of the teams (five blue and five red). Digits polycarbonate protected to prevent damage from impact. Indication of equipment in the department through bright red arrow. Command Control Board microprocessor controlled with 11,059 MHz operation High precision and LCD screen for programming included within the carrying case, with high sensitivity and buttons anti rebound. Communication marker screen - Table control with possibility of radio control (range approx 75 meters). Possibility of selecting two games: In the form of SCALE I CORDA allows setting the number of points that the game is played in multiples of 5. It also allows the introduction of the score of each game by three points of light for each of the teams indicating 15, 30 and VAL, if a team has the indication Val and get a new screen point reflects increasing five points earned by the team in question. If a team has the indication VAL and the opposing team gets a point, the system decreases the score of the team that was with Val indication to leave the score at 30-30 position. SCORING In the team mode functions as a marker of pelota, allowing selection of the points to which the game is played and used the light spots on each team to indicate the number of consecutive kicks made by each team. When the five points of light on a computer is turned on, is done automatically remove change from possession to the opposing team.