MDG EXT D5N - Electronic Sports Outdoor Scoreboard five digits


MDG EXTD5N - Electronic scoreboard sports outdoor five-digit

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Electronic sports scoreboard for five-digit exterior of 27 cm. height for use outdoors, with sunlight. Suitable for sports such as football, rugby, hockey and polo.

The kit consists of the following elements:

  • A led screen for visualization with:
    • Four digits of 27 cm of height for score with count from 0 to 99 (two for each team).
    • One digit of 27 cm. of height for indication of period or sets in game.
    • Digits protected with polycarbonate to avoid deterioration due to knocks.
  • A control and command table controlled by microprocessor with operation at 11,059 MHz., And LCD screen for programming with all the indications of the game. Included in transport suitcase.

Communication Marker screen - Control table with hybrid communication (wired / radio controlled up to 100 meters away without interference).

As an accessory, it may include indication of the names of the equipment by LED displays, fixed advertising spaces prepared for signage or single-color, bicolor or full-color LED screens, etc.