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CO2 level meter display, temperature and humidity for indication of air quality in closed rooms.

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CO2 level meter display, temperature and humidity for indication of air quality in closed rooms. Made up of 4 digits 10 cm high in red to display the CO2 levels, 3 digits 5 cm high in green to display the ambient temperature and 3 digits 5 cm high in blue to display the temperature. RH.

The screen has three additional indicators in green, yellow and red colors for visual indication of the air quality status so that:

    Green: CO2 concentration between 400 and 799 ppm
    Yellow: CO2 concentration between 800 and 999 ppm
    Red: CO2 concentration greater than 1000 ppm

The digits are made with high performance LEDs, great luminosity (up to 280 mcd) and wide angle (120 degrees) and are protected from the front with an anti-reflective matt methacrylate, which facilitates good visibility against direct incidence of light.

Due to its construction, it can be fixed to the ceiling or wall. Manufactured in a black lacquered aluminum box and anti-reflective methacrylate front.

Our meter also has the possibility of making a connection with the ventilation systems so that when the meter detects a yellow or red color level, the activation and start-up of said ventilation is carried out automatically.

It includes sensors integrated in the probe with a 1 meter long connection hose and prepared for wall mounting.

The characteristics of the probes are:

CO2 sensor:

    NDIR technology.
    Accuracy ± 50ppm.
    CO2 representation range from 400 to 5,000 ppm.
    Preheat: 1 min.
    Response time: between 90 and 120 sec
    Resolution: 1ppm

Temperature sensor:

    DHT22 based digital technology.
    Temperature accuracy of ±0.5 ºC.
    Temperature representation range from 0 ºC to 65ºC.
    Response time: Immediate.
    Resolution: 0.1ºC

Relative Humidity Sensor:

    Digital digital technology based on DHT22.
    Humidity representation range from 0% to 85%.
    Accuracy: ± 4%.

The sensors are included in a box, not having to be calibrated by the user. They are digital sensors that do not lose their factory settings.

Other technical characteristics of the air quality indicator screen are:

    Maximum operating temperature: 60ºC
    Maximum operating humidity: 75% non-condensing.
    Supply voltage: 180 to 240 VAC – 50/60Hz
    Screen internal power supply: 12VDC
    Maximum consumption: 20W
    Dimensions: (according to model)