SECAN 4 - Display of large format rotating advertising


SECAN 4 - Advertising rotary vehicles

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Sequencers advertising signage TO COATED to 220 cm. long by 180 cm. high, prepared for use with up to sixteen posters of information depending on the thickness of the advertising medium used by the client), programmable time spent at each screen separately cartels and number of posters to be displayed. Each side of the system can be operated individually or synchronously with respect to the two remaining sides. They have security system that ensures equipment shutdown in anticipation of breaking cartels and backlight system using high brightness fluorescent tubes, which results in a great dramatic effect to the public. The advertising system that is placed in the rear of the vehicle, to facilitate access to the interior thereof so as to be transparent to this position in the small office (or even carry smaller loads), for mounting on the door of opening, so this should be a single sheet, opening side and must be properly secured to prevent possible sagging of the same weight as a result of both the