System Waiting Organizer

We are pleased to inform you of our teams of turns and organizers expect.These are systems that allow better management of queues in user services office which serves a lot of people, getting the disappearance of queues to turn Assign numbers to users.Allow the placement of up to 64 service points distributed in up to eight zones depending on the model, with minimal setup and totally intuitive handling.Our teams of fully autonomous turn, so they do not interfere at all with the systems that you have installed in their premises, or require the installation of any software that might endanger the information you store on their computers.The high-quality thermal printing of the tickets of his turn, is made in a completely transparent to your employees, so it is not necessary that any person be aware of your clients, requiring minimal maintenance, due to the absence of cartridges ink.The tickets are printed turn your logo and include advertising you decide at any time, so they are also used as promotional media.Made with the latest technology, and all for a price of anything comparable to the other models Organizers expect in the market.

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